How DEATHLOOP harnesses the power of PS5

Discover how Arkane's noir-inspired adventure enhances your sense of immersion with the power of the PlayStation 5 console.

Transformative haptic feedback

A real sense of place

On your journey to break the loop, you’ll have to creep, shoot, dodge, fight, slide, sprint, jump and more besides - all just to stay alive. The advanced haptic technology of the DualSense controller means you’ll feel every movement. 

From sneaking through snow to sprinting along a steel gantry, crouching or sliding, climbing over rocks - everything is designed to feel as though you are doing it for real.

Guns that feel great

As you brave the dangers of Blackreef, you’ll have access to a huge variety of firearms. From loading a round into the chamber to squeezing the trigger, every gun has a unique haptic response.

Whether firing glass bullets with the Heritage Gun, loading nails in your PT6-Spiker or switching to ‘Dual Mode’ with the Strelak Verso, you’ll immediately feel the difference. Even targeting an enemy down the barrel of your gun has a unique haptic sensation, including subtle vibrations that follow your movements.

Tactile tools

With your specialized Hacking Tool, you can follow your hacking progress in your own hands as well as on the screen. The vibrations travel from left to right and you’ll be able to feel the moment you nail it.

Blinking through the air, activating switches or door mechanisms, even regaining health – every item with which you come into contact has a unique pattern of haptic feedback that makes the action feel more authentic.

Action that never stops

Haptic feedback not only enhances the moment-to-moment gameplay, it’s also been used to create an extra sense of depth and immersion during cutscenes. As the intrigue, mystery and suspense plays out on screen, you’ll remain connected to the story of Colt, Julianna and the Eternalists via the DualSense.

Multiple graphics options

Whatever your preference with visuals, DEATHLOOP pushes PS5 to give you breathtaking visuals. Choose from:
  • Performance mode to prioritise a steady 60 FPS framerate at a dynamic 4K* resolution. 
  • Visual Quality mode to prioritise a higher resolution image, whilst still targeting 60 FPS. 
  • Raytracing mode to add cutting-edge visual effects whilst targeting 30 FPS at a dynamic 4K.
All modes also offer full support for High-Dynamic Range*.
*compatible display required. 

Game-changing adaptive triggers

Weapons with weight

Through the adaptive triggers, feel the heft of the weapon as you pull back the L2 trigger to align your shot and the immediate recoil and discharge when you fire.

Not only this, the triggers rumble as you fire automatic weapons and you’ll feel a signature 'kickback' as you let loose with heavy weaponry.

Feedback that drives gameplay

When you run out of ammo you’ll feel the trigger goes limp with no resistance, subtly signalling that it's time to take cover and reload.

As in real-life, the guns in Colt's arsenal are capable of jamming and when they do, you'll immediately feel the problem. When a low-tier weapon jams, for example, the R2 trigger will become locked halfway, providing instantaneous feedback and giving you a little extra time to respond.

Get into the action faster with Activity Cards

Jump in wherever

Dive directly into the campaign or launch a multiplayer session directly from the PlayStation 5 dashboard using Activities. DEATHLOOP’s non-linear narrative design makes it perfect for dropping in exactly where you’d like.

Return to the story right where you left off, pick out a specific side quest, access your player loadout or even jump to specific in-game locations directly from the PS5 home screen.

Get useful hints with Game Help

Whenever you get stuck, Game Help will be there to help unstick you. To mirror the intricate and layered game design of DEATHLOOP, the development team have created dozens of illustrated tips, guides and tricks to help you discover everything the island of Blackreef is hiding.

You can launch these to run along side your gameplay in a separate window, so you can follow without having to close the game screen.

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  • Ghostwire: Tokyo

Deluxe Edition

  • Transtar Trencher Weapon
  • Eat The Rich Tribunal Weapon
  • .44 Karat Fourpounder Weapon
  • "Party Crasher" Colt Skin
  • "Sharp Shooter" Julianna Skin
  • Two Trinkets (equippable buffs)
  • Original Game Soundtrack Selections
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English, French (France), German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish
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