Pre-order and auto-download games

How to pre-order and auto-download games from PlayStation Store

Find out how to purchase and cancel PlayStation™Store pre-orders, where to find pre-order release dates, and how to automatically download a pre-order.

How to pre-order content from PlayStation Store

You can pre-order some products on PlayStation Store before they are released. 

  1. Search for the game on PlayStation Store. 
  2. Select the price or Pre-Order.
    You are charged and the pre-order appears in your Library, PlayStation Store, and PlayStation®App.

How to auto-download a pre-order

If you’re excited about an upcoming title, you can pre-order on PlayStation Store and set up automatic downloads so that the content will start downloading as soon as it’s available. Once you’ve set up automatic downloads, you can turn on auto-download for a specific game by following the steps below.

To be ready to play your pre-ordered game when it's released, enable Stay Connected to the Internet by visiting the guide below.

  1. From your games home, select Game Library and then select your pre-ordered game.
    A timer counting down to the game's release appears.
  2. Select the timer.
    A list of contents included with your pre-ordered game appears. If the checkbox next to the content is selected, auto-download is enabled.
  3. Clear the checkbox next to the content for which you want to turn off auto-download, and then select OK.
  4. To turn off auto-download for all content, clear the checkbox for Select All, and then select OK.
  • If you pre-ordered a game that comes bundled with versions for both the PS5 console and PS4 console, you can select the timer for either version in step 2 and still see all of the contents of the bundle.

Make sure you‘ve set up automatic downloads and have set your PS4 console as your primary PS4 console before auto-downloading a pre-order. 

  1. Go to Library > Purchased and select the pre-order. 

  2. You’ll see a timer below the title counting down to the game’s release. Select the timer, and then follow the on-screen instructions to adjust auto-download for that game.

How to cancel a pre-order from PlayStation Store

When you pre-order a game, your wallet or payment method will be charged. If you change your mind before the content is released you'll be able to cancel the pre-order and receive a refund. If the game is released and the content hasn't started to download to your PlayStation console, you'll be able to cancel and request a refund within 14 days of making the pre-order.

How to find a pre-order release date

To find the release date of a pre-order, search for the game on PlayStation Store. The release date will appear under the title of the game.

When will I be charged for a PlayStation Store pre-order?

You'll be charged when you select Pre-order for a game on PlayStation Store.

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