Helldivers 2 latest Warbonds and updates

The fight is on Helldivers, and your expendable expertise is required to keep Super Earth safe from the invading alien scourge. Get the latest intel on new weapons and items, Warbonds and game patch notes.


Information is existence on the battlefield. Keep spirits high with news of planets almost won. But stay alert for enemy invasions - where only the bravest dare tread.


Latest War bond

Polar Patriots Premium Warbond

Get Warbonds for 1000 Super Credits

Stay frosty in the roaring heat of galactic battle, Helldivers!

Keep your head – and your cool – as you ice the malignant enemies of freedom, justice and all that is good and true with the new Polar Patriots Premium Warbond.

Shoot to chill as you enhance your loadouts of liberty for this season and beyond with these devastating weapons, trailblazing armour, sweet capes, player cards and the all-important emotes.

Ice the enemies of freedom and democracy with a new loadout of liberty

Ice-cold weapons

The Polar Patriots warbond includes the AR-61 Tenderizer, SMG-72 Pummeler, and PLAS-101 Purifier.

Defend democracy in style

Receive three sets of armour and three capes to protect yourself from liberty-hating Terminids and the anti-freedom Automaton Collective.

Add to your armoury

Bring the Mime Instrumentation, Call the Helldivers, and Distribute Ballots emotes, and three-player cards into your repertoire while peacekeeping in the Galactic War.

*Requires base game, paid purchase of Super Credits, and game progression to unlock.

Previous Warbonds

Browse through previous Warbonds, available to unlock now with Super Credits.

Warbonds are in-game catalogues for purchase that unlock featured items to prepare you for whatever hits the frontlines. Each one includes in-game weapons, armours, capes, emotes, stratagems, utilities and more.  

Each War bond is not time-limited! Once you buy it, you’re free to go ahead and reap its rewards whenever you like.

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