How PS5 helped make Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart possible

Breakthrough tech combines with refined gameplay to create the duo’s most thrilling adventure yet.

Breathtaking visuals

Ratchet & Clank games have always been visually stunning, but the fidelity and density of the worlds being rendered by the PS5 console approach a film-quality cinematic experience – and all running in real-time.

Megalopolis and beyond

Teeming with detail and overflowing with densely-packed, imaginative worlds, the fast-loading SSD allows for complexity and scale that would never have been possible in previous Ratchet & Clank games.

A new level of fidelity

The jump to dynamic 4K resolution and HDR* means tons of fine detail, but a keen attention to replicating the properties of real-world materials also means metal can gleam, puddles of water can accurately reflect the world around them and surfaces like wood and stone have a texture that’s almost tangible.

Truly next-gen rendering

The latest in ray-tracing technology lets light reflect off surfaces like it would in the real world. In a universe of shiny reflective metal and glass, these ray-traced reflections add depth and dimensionality to every planet you visit.

*Dynamic 4K and HDR require a compatible 4K & HDR compatible TV or display.

"This game features the densest worlds in the Ratchet & Clank series to date. Our cities teem with citizens and spaceship traffic, outdoor areas are filled with foliage and wildlife, and every corner is packed full of detail."

Mike Fitzgerald, Director, Core Technology at Insomniac Games

Near-instant loading

Thanks to PS5’s blisteringly fast built-in SSD, entire worlds can be swapped in and out in mere seconds – allowing for Ratchet and newcomer Rivet to jump through dimensions and teleport across time and space without the need for loading screens.

Faster travel

This is most apparent in the use of the titular rifts - dimensional tears in the fabric of reality that can be used to cross massive distances to reach advantageous positions during combat or traverse distances that would be impossible on foot.

There and back in a flash

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart isn’t just about moving through physical space, though. The SSD allows for blink-and-you’ll-miss jumps through dimensional space, literally flinging our heroes forward and back to see the effects of their (and the villainous Dr. Nefarious’) actions on the world.

Tiny details on a very big scale

Because the SSD is constantly able to fetch massive amounts of data, these leaps create thrilling, breakneck chases and allow for exploration of pocket dimensions that hide valuable resources and tense enemy encounters.

"The SSD and I/O tech help us get any texture or resource into memory almost instantly, meaning we can use all of PS5’s available memory on just what you need to see or hear at any exact moment."

"We’re freed from traditional notions of memory budgeting, and we’re no longer limited to a specific palette of environment or character assets in any given space. For a game that can suddenly decide to teleport in a giant creature from the other side of the galaxy, this can come in pretty handy."

Mike Fitzgerald, Director, Core Technology at Insomniac Games

Immersive 3D audio

A world-hopping adventure deserves an equally epic soundscape. PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech lets you throw on a pair of compatible headphones and immerse yourself in the game’s lush environments or gain additional situational awareness in combat.

Ears: the new eyes

With the ability to pinpoint enemies just by their grunts, growls and weapons fire, a threat that’s off-screen needn’t be a surprise. By knowing that an enemy is approaching from the rear, combat suddenly becomes a truly 360 degree tussle, letting Ratchet and Rivet choose targets by proximity.

Ambulant ambience

Cities filled with bustling streets, vendors hawking their wares and vehicles zipping through the air - ambient detail is more important than ever before. Though you never know when fights are going to break out, these rich alien worlds can be just as much a feast for your ears during downtime as they are in the heat of battle.

"PS5 is by far the largest and the most significant leap in audio features and capabilities we have seen with a PlayStation console. With 3D Audio you get a better feel of space because it can convey a sense of height."

Daniel Birczynski, Audio Lead at Insomniac Games

Action you can feel - literally

The DualSense wireless controller's adaptive triggers help convey a level of sensory feedback that’s never been possible before on a PlayStation console. The Ratchet & Clank series has always had incredibly unique weapons, but now each of them actually feels different from one another.

Bangs and whimpers

The advanced haptic feedback allow every buzz, shudder, click and explosion to rumble through your hands not just with big, punchy effect, but with subtler hums and fuzzy vibrations.

This can allow you to feel when a weapon has fully charged up, or a timed explosion is about to detonate nearby, allowing for a chance to get to safety without the need for an on-screen indicator.

Click, click… boom

The DualSense wireless controller’s adaptive triggers also make the simple act of firing a weapon unique, adjusting the resistance of a trigger pull to indicate increased weight or allowing for multiple kinds of attacks with a single button. A half-click of the trigger can fire a single-barreled blast, while fully depressing it can unload both - and with perfect resistance, you’ll always know which attack you’re about to pull off.

"Haptic feedback and Adaptive Triggers are new tools we can use to give the player feedback. One of the most valuable things about haptics is that you can recognize physical cues even when there’s already a lot competing for your attention visually and aurally." 

"Adaptive Triggers open the door to trigger pulls that not only feel different but behave differently, allowing us to add personality and functionality to weapons - an essential part of Ratchet gameplay!"

Mike Daly, Game Director at Insomniac Games


Standard Edition

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Digital Deluxe Edition

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Five Armor Sets
  • Photo Mode Sticker Pack
  • 20 Raritanium*
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Art Book
  • *in-game upgrade materials

Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence | In-Game Purchases

Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, 
Fantasy Violence | In-Game Purchases