A pre-order did not download to PlayStation®4

A pre-order did not download to PlayStations®4

This article explains what might stop you from downloading content that you have pre-ordered and how to fix the issue.

Make sure automatic download is set up

If you want your pre-ordered title to download automatically on release date you need to make sure you have correctly set up automatic download.

There is a general problem with downloading content

Make sure you have checked everything in the general checklist for PlayStation®4 download problems.

Check these possible causes:

  • PlayStation Network (PSN)
  • Local (home) network
  • HDD space
  • Application specific issue

Check that your pre-order was not cancelled

Occasionally a pre-order may be withdrawn. This could be because the game has been entirely removed from the release schedule or, if you can find the game in PlayStation Store, it is likely that the publisher has made a change to it after it was published for pre-order. If a change has been made to the game all pre-orders would have been cancelled.

Make sure you have paid for the pre-order

We usually debit your wallet for the pre-order around 2 days before the release date of the game and we will email you to let you know if you do not have enough wallet funds and you have auto wallet top up switched off, to give you a chance to top-up.
If you have a sub account check with the master account holder to make sure there were enough wallet funds and that you did not reach your spending limit before we attempted to debit the master account wallet.
If there was not an issue with wallet funds and we have not taken payment your pre-order may have failed for another reason.

Make sure that the game has been released where you live

Check with the publisher for the local release date.

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