How to check the country or region of your account on PSN

Find out how to check the country or region of your account on PlayStation™Network.

How to check the country or region of your account online

  1. Sign in to Account Management

  2. Go to Your Information > Residential Address and click on Edit.

  3. Check Country/Region.
  1. Open the Play screen on the PlayStation app.
  2. Press on the Settings icon (gear icon).
  3. Scroll down and click on Account Information under PlayStation Network menu.
  4. Tap on Edit under Residential Address.
  1.  Check Country/Region.

When should you check your account country or region?

You should check your account country or region before purchasing games, subscription or contacting PlayStation Support.

PlayStation Store

  • The country/region of PlayStation™Store on your console is what you registered on your account.
    Content and services available on PlayStation Store vary by country or region.


  • Add-ons can’t be used with a game disc if its country or region does not match with the country of the game disc.
    Check the small print on the back of the game box to find the country or region the game is licensed for.
    You can ask the retailer for the game's country/region license information.
  • Game save data cannot be read on other accounts registered in different country or region.


  • Voucher codes and account’s country or region must match to be activated successfully.
    For physical vouchers, look for a printed flag indicating the country or region.

Can you change your country or region on PlayStation Network?

No. You can’t change your account’s country or region after your account has been created. 

How to contact PlayStation Support in your country or region registered on your account

  • You have to contact PlayStation Support in the applicable country or region that matches your account on PSN. Please select the country or region in the bottom left corner of the page or by use the PlayStation Country Selector.
  • When using a search engine to contact PlayStation Support, we recommend entering your country or region name to directly open the support page at your country or region.

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