The SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Anime, Crafted Into a Cinematic RPG Experience!

When Kirito awoke, he found himself in a virtual world he had never laid eyes on.

And yet, somehow—the strange realm evoked a sense of familiarity deep within.

The data comprising this "Underworld" was dense beyond description. It could be mistaken for reality itself.

So human were its AI inhabitants, and so authentic were the sensory experiences within it.

Such was the setting for Kirito's fateful meeting with Eugeo.

And thus was sparked a grand journey like no other.

A journey to fulfill an innocent promise made in tender years.

A journey to never again lose that which is most important...

An Evolved Battle System

Enjoy smooth, seamless combat.

From sword strikes to skills, Sacred Arts, and chain attacks with party members—fast-paced battles conducted in real time arm you with an even greater plethora of heart-pounding actions!

Commands given to both individual characters and the party as a whole are memorized by an ever-adapting AI.

With each battle, your allies in arms will evolve to fit your own unique play style!

Online Multiplayer Allowing Adventures for up to Four Players

Join forces with other players, communicating and coordinating to tackle quests together.

What's more—each player is allowed to bring in one additional partner!

With four players plus four partners, that's a formidable eight-man team—fit for taking on the strongest foes in Underworld!

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