Horizon Zero Dawn:
The story so far

Have a seat and allow this wizened tribal elder to tell Aloy’s story in preparation for her journey into the Forbidden West.

Part I: A gift from the past

The outcast

Found alone in the All-Mother, our sacred mountain, Aloy was raised by Rost, an outcast from the Nora tribe, in the ways of survival. Shunned by other children as a “No-Mother,” she stumbled into a cave the Old Ones had built long ago and came across a Focus, a device which shows her visions only she can see.

Through these visions, Aloy learned more than what ten generations of elders could have imparted about our world… and that of the past. With more questions than answers, she trained together with Rost to hone her hunting and fighting skills in preparation for a gauntlet called The Proving. Winning this would establish her as a worthy member of the Nora tribe, and perhaps give her some answers to the mystery of her origin.

Victory amidst loss

However, this was to be no ordinary Proving. A mysterious cult faction called the Eclipse ambushed the young Nora warriors, killing many and injuring Aloy. Despite fighting back valiantly, she couldn’t defeat all attackers – and Rost, who’d tracked her progress in the Proving from a distance, sacrificed his life to save hers.

Back in the All-Mother, our High Matriarch Teersa showed Aloy the Goddess, a mysterious door, which is where she was found as a baby. After the door seems to react to Aloy’s presence, the High Matriarchs name her a Seeker: a worthy Nora sent forth to accomplish a great purpose – even if it takes her beyond the borders of their Sacred Land.

The City of the Sun

The first part of Aloy’s journey led to an encounter with a Corruptor, a machine that drives normally docile metal beasts rabid. Upon its defeat, Aloy managed to harvest a component that allowed her to override and control the machines.

Aloy traveled further to Meridian, home of the Carja, and disrupted a plot to destroy the city, thus earning the Carja Sun-King Avad’s trust. During this mission, Aloy discovers the existence of a rogue AI called HADES, which gives the Eclipse commands through the use of Focuses like hers.


Aloy met many people along her journey. Some, like fellow Nora brave Varl and Oseram captain Erend, aided her quest, while others sought only to obstruct her progress.

Part II: Revelations

Mechanical origins

Guided by a peculiar voice, Aloy then traveled into the heart of the Old World ruin Maker’s End. There, she discovers a facility that created terrible war machines – the same that now roam our lands.

Two scientists, Ted Faro and Elisabet Sobeck, had designed these metal beasts and programmed them to replicate themselves, consuming living matter to do so. But when the machines malfunctioned and began to multiply uncontrollably, they threatened to take over the planet.

Despite convening the Old Ones’ greatest sages, this “Faro Plague” appeared unstoppable. In a desperation move, Sobeck created something called Project Zero Dawn, while Faro and the Old Ones’ warriors created a weapon of global destruction.

A mysterious ally

At Maker’s End, an enigmatic man named Sylens revealed himself as Aloy’s guide, telling her to explore the Grave-Hoard. Sylens’ past is shrouded in mystery and stained with treachery. All that is certain is that at an early age, he became fascinated with the Old Ones, and dedicated his life to uncovering their secrets, especially what happened to them.

In these ruins, she discovered and destroyed a Deathbringer, a huge and tentacled machine. Sylens’ understanding of these locations and his familiarity with technology revealed a part of his past: he struck a deal with HADES in return for knowledge, aided in the creation of the Eclipse, and built the Focus network.

Covert operations

Aloy decided to trust Sylens, for now, and then snuck into the Eclipse home base, shutting down her and the cultists’ Focuses and made her way to the Zero Dawn ruin in the process.

Here in the ruin, the truth is revealed: the Old Ones could not save themselves. Their warriors instead staged a final battle to stave off the encroaching machines until Zero Dawn could be activated, giving their lives so that our people might one day survive.

Project Zero Dawn

This was their true nature: not predators, but rebuilders. Through Project Zero Dawn, the metal beasts would rebuild our lush world from the ashes of the old one, turning destruction into creation. 

In the heart of the Zero Dawn ruins, Aloy discovers the key that will allow her to unlock the All-Mother and get the answers she is looking for, but is ambushed and knocked unconscious.

Weapons and tools

These hulking metal beasts can be defeated using a wide variety of tools and weapons, but they can also be turned against one another. 

Part III: The looming shadow

Shadow and Eclipse

Aloy awakened in the desert land of Sunfall to find the Eclipse already invading the Nora Sacred Lands to kill the entire tribe. Detained by Helis, the leader of the Eclipse, Aloy is made to compete in Sunfall’s arena. Against Helis’ expectations, she prevailed and, together with Sylens, hurries to rescue the Nora.

After repelling the invaders and gaining access to the inner sanctum of the All-Mother, Elisabet’s vision offered yet more truths.

Sobeck incarnate

The Old Ones did perish, but not before instructing the All-Mother – a Cradle in their tongue – to begin the process of rebuilding humanity along with our world. Aloy, however, was truly special: a clone of Elisabet Sobeck.

The AI GAIA, meant to oversee the metal beasts, had nine sub-systems created to oversee different operations. One of them, HADES, had malfunctioned, and began altering the metal beasts’ purpose toward destruction and eradication of life. The only hope to stop HADES was to take control of GAIA PRIME, the AI’s heart, to deactivate HADES’ control of the metal devils and stop the corruption.

The Frozen Wilds

Aloy ventured into the icy north, hearing tales of fearsome new machines. Together with the local Banuk tribe’s chieftains, Aloy successfully initiated a self-destruct of a facility which was creating new machines. 

Aloy left the Banuk warriors with the task of clearing out the remaining corruption. and returned to the final assault.

The machines

Many elders were forced to question all they had known, but the truth Aloy discovered was immutable: these machines were, in part, why humanity had survived.

Part IV: Threats from the west

Malignant swarm

At the top of a bone-chilling summit, Aloy discovered the last logs of Elisabet Sobeck, learning of HADES’ ultimate plan: to re-activate the Faro Plague and wipe out humanity once and for all, using a massive Spire to send out a signal to the machines. The final battle was at hand.

Aloy and her allies rally to Meridian, where a massive army of corrupted machines sought to destroy the city. Through collaboration and strategic thinking, our heroes managed to repel the attack, and Aloy traveled to the Spire to confront HADES directly. A fierce battle ensued, but in the end, Aloy plunged Sylens’ spear into HADES, silencing him and his blighted song.

New Horizons

Now, Aloy has set her sights beyond the familiar wilds. She has travelled west to investigate a mysterious and deadly blight. In these uncharted lands, she will meet strange new tribes and encounter ever more deadly machines. Together with old friends and new companions, she must brave this new frontier to find the answers she needs to save life on Earth.


Standard Edition

  • Horizon Forbidden West™ (PS4™)
  • Digital upgrade to PS5 version

Standard Edition

  • Horizon Forbidden West™ PS5 & PS4

Digital Deluxe Edition

  • Horizon Forbidden West™ PS4 & PS5
  • Digital soundtrack + art book
  • Digital comic book
  • Two Carja Behemoth Elite items
  • Two Nora Thunder Elite items
  • Machine Strike piece
  • In-game resources pack
  • Extras in Photo Mode

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