View screenshots and video clips on PS5 consoles

How to view screenshots and video clips on PS5 consoles

There are a couple of places to find your screenshots and video clips — the recently created card and the Media Gallery app.

How to capture the moment on your PS5 console

Save the memorable moments in your games by taking screenshots and recording video clips. 

  1. Press the create button on your DualSense™ wireless controller to open the create menu.
  2. Select a capture method to save the moment.

How to view recent captures on PS5 consoles

You can view up to 15 of your recent captures through the Recently created card. There are two ways to open the Recently created card:

  • Press the create button on your controller to open the create menu, and then select the thumbnail of your most recent capture.

  • Press the PS button to go to the control centre, and then select the Recently created card.
    After you take a capture, a card labelled Recently created appears in the control centre.

How to use the Media Gallery on PS5 consoles

The Media Gallery app is your place to view and manage all your screenshots and video clips. You can also connect an USB drive device and copy your captures to the device.

  • Go to your games home and select Media Gallery to view all your captures. 

A ) Select Multiple
Apply the same action to multiple captures.

B ) Sort and Filter
Rearrange your captures in different ways.

C ) Switch tabs
Screenshots or gameplay footage you've taken appear here. Your most recent screenshots and video clips appear first.

Captures you mark as favourites can be found here. To mark a capture as a favourite, select it, and then select Add to Favourites.

Watch a video clip of the moment you unlocked a trophy. 

Captures here are organized by game. Select a game title to see all the screenshots and video clips you took in that game.

D ) Thumbnails
Select a thumbnail to view the capture in full screen. You can do the following:

Share, Add to Favourites, Edit, Delete.

More ...
Copy to USB Drive
When you have an external USB storage device connected, you can copy the capture to the connected device.

Edit in Share Factory Studio
Edit your captures in Share Factory Studio.

View the capture information. You can rename the capture from here.


How to view images and videos on a USB drive

When you connect a USB drive to your PlayStation®5 console, the USB tab appears in the Media Gallery. Here you can view supported images and videos stored on the USB drive.

  • To copy to the USB drive, select a capture in the Media Gallery and select ... More > Copy to USB Drive.

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