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1. PSN Accounts

Available Products vary depending on which system you are using.

Our company and contact details




New Zealand




2. Additional terms that apply

Your ability to download or stream a rented and purchased video may also be restricted to:

  1. certain compatible devices only.
  2. a specified number of times only.
  3. a specified number of compatible devices only.

3. Your responsibilities for your Account

3.1.  You must provide us with truthful and accurate information during Account registration and keep it up to date via Account management.

3.1.1  Use a strong password.

3.1.2  You are responsible for all use of your Account.


4. Your responsibilities for your child Family Members

  • For all of your child Family Members:

    For more information on grief reporting please visit

  • Payment:

    We may reject your request to register a payment method (e.g. a credit or debit card) to your Account and/or requests to add funds to your PSN wallet if we suspect fraud, your payment provider does not approve the transaction or for any other reason.

  • Wallet:

    We may impose a minimum PSN wallet top-up amount.