Updated 20 July 2017

Updating the PlayStation 3 system software via PC download

Find out how to update your PlayStation 3 via a PC download and why you should keep your system updated.


Why do I need to update my System Software?

The PlayStation 3 system software update may include security patches, new or revised settings and features, and other items which will change your current operating system.  We encourage you to check the System Software Update page periodically for software updates and maintain the PlayStation 3 system with the latest version of the system software.

What do I need to do when downloading the update data?

  1. Create a folder on the storage media in which to save the update data.  Using a PC, create a folder named PS3 on the storage media or USB device.  Within the PS3 folder, create a folder named UPDATE.
  2. Download the update data and save it in the UPDATE folder created in step 1.  Click here to find the update file.  (The update file link is located on Step 2 of the "Update data download procedure" section.)   
    Be sure to save the update data as noted below.  If the data is not saved in the correct way, the PlayStation 3 system will not recognise the update data.

The folder name must be in all uppercase letters.

  • Location: Save in the PS3 folder > UPDATE folder
  • File name: Save as file name PS3UPDAT.PUP.

How do I install the update?

During the system software update:

  • Do not turn off the PlayStation 3 system during an update.  (The touch-sensitive ON/OFF button located on the front of the PlayStation 3 system becomes inactive during an update.)
  • Make sure the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller is plugged directly to the PlayStation 3 system via USB cable at all times.

If an update is cancelled before completion, the system software may becomce damaged, and the system may need to be sent in for service.

  1. Insert the storage media or USB device that contains the update data in the PlayStation 3 system.
  2. From the PlayStation 3 Home Menu, select the Settings option, then choose [System Update].  Press the  (X button).
  3. Select [Update via Storage Media] and then press the  (X button). The system automatically searches for and finds the update data saved on the storage media or USB device.
  4. Press the  (X button) to start the update data.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
  5. Confirm that the update was successful.  After the update has been completed, go to the Settings option from the PlayStation 3 Home Menu, then go to [System Settings] > [System Information].  If the System Software field displays the version number of the update, the update was successful.

Note: You can delete the update data from the storage media or USB device after the update has been successfully completed.