Updated 22 August 2017

How do I upgrade/replace my PlayStation 3 40GB/80GB HDD?

Find out how to replace the Hard Disk Drive on your 40GB or 80GB model PlayStation 3 system.


Remove the hard disk

  1. Touch the power button on the system front for at least two seconds. The power indicator will turn solid red and the system will enter standby mode.
  2. Turn off the system using the main power switch on the rear
  3. Unplug the AC power cord and detach the other cables from the system. For safety reasons, remove the plug for the power cord from the electrical outlet, and then detach the other cables.
  4. Remove the HDD bay cover on the system’s left side. Use the space at the left edge of the HDD bay cover to pull it out from the system. If the cover is difficult to remove, gently insert a small screwdriver in the space and pry the cover off. Be careful not to damage the system of the cover when using a screwdriver.
  1. Free the hard disk from the system:

1)      Remove the blue screw with the correct sized crosshead screwdriver.

2)      Pull the handle forward, while sliding it to the left. Be careful not to hurt yourself.

  1. Remove the hard disk from the system. Pull the handle further to remove the hard disk from the system.

Replace the hard disk

  1. Use a crosshead screwdriver to remove the screws (4 places).
  1. Remove the hard disk from the metal frame.
  1. Place the replacement hard disk on the PlayStation 3 system hard disk’s metal frame, and then attach using the screws (4 places). Do not overtighten the screws
  2. Install the hard disk in the system. Fully insert the hard disk in the HDD bay. Attach the blue screw to lock the hard disk in place. Refer to the instructions in “Remove the hard disk ” and follow them in reverse order when installing.
  3. Reattach the HDD bay cover.
  4. Reinstall the system software. When the hard disk has been replaced, the system software must be reinstalled
  5. For more information on changing your PlayStation 3 hard disk, check out the manual.