Updated 10 September 2015

The PlayStation 3 system is making loud noises

Find out what to do if the PlayStation 3 system emits loud noises such as grinding or scratching.

  1. Ensure that the air vents are not blocked or obstructed.
  • Place the system at least 10cm away from the nearest wall surface.
  • Do not place the system on a carpet or rug with long fibres.
  • Do not place the system in a narrow or cramped space.
  • Do not cover the system with cloth.
  • Do not allow dust to build up on the system’s vents.
  1. Clean dust from vents.
  • For safety reasons, always disconnect the PlayStation 3 system’s AC power cord from the power supply before cleaning the system.
  • When dust accumulates in the system vents, remove it with a low-powered vacuum cleaner.

Note: The PlayStation 3 will make some noise during operation, including mechanical noise from the disc drive as well as the sound of the HDD functioning. This is normal and is nothing to worry about.