Updated 01 March 2017

Troubleshoot disc freezing, skipping, or loading problems on the PlayStation 2 console

This article gives you some general troubleshooting guidelines if your PlayStation 2 system is having trouble reading discs.


Confirm the disc is inserted correctly into the PlayStation 2 system (label side should be facing up when the PlayStation 2 system is in the horizontal position).

  • Confirm the disc is clean. To clean a disc, use lint-free cleaning cloths made specifically for cleaning CD/DVD discs, typically sold at computer software stores. When cleaning the disc, we recommend starting from the innermost circle, and wiping out to the edge in a straight line. We do not recommend wiping in a circular motion, as it may create more scratches on the disc. [Note: Other materials, such as a paper towel or a T-shirt, may also scratch the disc. If there are any scratches, smudges, or fingerprints on the disc, it may not function properly.]
  • Try playing different CDs, DVDs, and games on the PlayStation 2 system to see if the problem exists across multiple discs.
  • To determine if the problem is with the disc itself, try playing the disc on a different PlayStation 2 system (or a PS one or a standalone CD/DVD player, if applicable).
  • Confirm that you are not using any game modification devices. Unlicensed devices such as game modification devices can interfere with the proper function of the software. We do not recommend the use of any game modification devices or unlicensed products[1].
  • Make sure the inserted disc is a media type that is supported by the PlayStation 2 system. See below for more details.

PlayStation 2 system models


Media formats supported

PlayStation 2 format DVD-ROM PlayStation 2 format CD-ROM PlayStation format CD-ROM Audio CDs[2] DVD[2] Videos

PlayStation 2 system models

*Limited Edition

Media formats supported

PlayStation 2 format DVD-ROM PlayStation 2 format CD-ROM PlayStation format CD-ROM Audio CDs DVD Videos DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW[3] CDR/CDRW[3]

Macrovision Information

If your PlayStation 2 system is connected to your television through a VCR, you may not be able to view DVD movies. This is because of the copyright protection coding that has been programmed into the discs by the DVD manufacturers. If your PlayStation 2 system is installed directly to a VCR or TV/VCR combo, please try connecting the PlayStation 2 system directly to the television's video/audio inputs for DVD movie playback.

Region Coding

Please make sure the Region Code of the software matches that of the PlayStation 2 system. Only discs (games and movies) coded with regions 2 or All will work on an PlayStation 2 system for the European region.

Static Electricity

Static electricity and other factors may affect the operation of the PlayStation 2 system. Turn off the main (rear power) switch and then turn it back on.

Additional Support

If you continue to experience problems or need more assistance, please contact the Consumer Services Department. As a reminder, please make sure you have

confirmed the following common troubleshooting steps before calling us, as they may resolve your problem.

Check your Environment

Make sure to keep the PlayStation 2 system away from excessive dust, smoke, steam, extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight. Full details on Safety Precautions and Use and Handling can be found in the PlayStation 2 Instruction Manual.


[1] Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) recommends only using products that are licensed for use with PlayStation products. If the product you are using is neither made by, nor licensed by, SIEE for use on the PlayStation 2 system, we recommend you discontinue the use of that product. Please keep in mind products that fail to meet or exceed SIEE's strict quality standards can cause damage to the PlayStation 2 system immediately, or with prolonged use. SIEE is not responsible for damages caused by untested, unlicensed products, and any remaining Limited Sony Warranty on the product will be considered void. It is the responsibility of the company that manufactured the unlicensed product to accommodate you, should their product cause damage to a SIEE product.

[2] This does not include burned media format such as CDR/CDRW/DVDR/DVDRW.

[3] Please note that some discs recorded using DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/CDR/CDRW devices may not be playable due to scratches, dirt, dust, fingerprints or problems encountered during recording, or due to the state of the disc when the recording was made. Only discs that have been finalized (a process that concludes recording) after recording are playable. Video recorded on CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) compatible DVD-RW discs using the copy-once capability, will not play that section of the video.