Updated 25 August 2017

Card saved on PSN wallet not working

Missed payment | Top up issues | Failed subscription renewal | Expired card


Follow these steps:

  1. Your credit card must be issued by a bank located in the same country that your PlayStation Network account is registered in. If it is not, we cannot accept the payment and we are unable to change the country of residence on your account.
  2. Sign out of Account Management or exit PlayStation Store and sign back in to refresh your wallet.
  3. Your payment provider may limit the maximum amount of funds you can add to your wallet in one transaction. Contact the payment provider to find out if this is the case.
  4. If your SEN account billing address does not match your card billing address, the payment may be stopped by the address verification system (AVS).
  5. If the two addresses do match, but you are still having difficulty please check if it can be resolved using one of these methods:
  • Ask your bank if your card is compatible with AVS. If it is incompatible, request a compatible card.
  • Use a card that has a street address. For example, do not use a PO Box or BFPO address.
  • Do not use pre-pay ‘credit cards’ as they often do not require an address to be attached and will be incompatible with AVS.
  • If your address includes a flat or apartment number or your name or address includes any special characters like asterisks (*), hyphens (-), apostrophes (') and slashes ( / ) do not include them.
  • If your name or address contains characters such as ‘ß’, ‘ä’ or ‘ç’ please replace them with the nearest letter from the standard 26 letter Latin alphabet (for example, for ‘ß’ use ‘ss’, for ‘ä’ use ‘a’ or for ‘ç’ use ‘c’).
  1. The transaction will be refused if your credit or debit card account does not have enough credit to top up your wallet. Try again either when your bank/credit card account balance has enough funds to cover the top-up amount or use a PlayStation Network card to top up your wallet.
  2. If the PlayStation system you are using is not activated you may need to activate it on your account before you can make a purchase.
  3. If you have asked your credit or debit card issuer to request a chargeback on a purchase from SEN you may find that this puts your account in debt (i.e. you have purchased content but payment has not been received for it). In this instance your account or your PlayStation system may be banned from use on PlayStation Network. Contact us for information on how to regain access to your account in the event of a chargeback ban.
  4. If your credit or debit card has expired or other billing information has changed remove your old card details and update your SEN account with the new card.
  5. If PlayStation Network is offline check to find out when PlayStation Network will be available and make your purchase after this time.