Updated 23 August 2017

PlayStation App / Web: Top up wallet with PayPal

How to use PayPal for PlayStation Store purchases.


You can top-up your wallet with PayPal on PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 or by using Account Management on web browser/PlayStation App. You can also add your PayPal details to your SEN Account so that you will not need to sign in to PayPal every time you want to use it to pay. Sub account holders cannot use PayPal for PlayStation Store purchases.

This service is available to you if your Sony Entertainment Network master account is registered in one of the countries listed below:




Russian Federation

Austria Greece Malta Saudi Arabia
Bahrain Hungary Netherlands Slovenia
Belgium Iceland New Zealand Spain
Cyprus Ireland Norway Sweden
Czech Republic Israel Oman Switzerland
Denmark Italy Portugal United Arab Emirates
Finland Kuwait Qatar United Kingdom

How do I top up my wallet with PayPal?

You can top up your wallet either after you have selected your purchases by selecting [Add Funds] on the Purchase Confirmation screen or you can top up your wallet without making a purchase.

To top up your wallet with PayPal using PlayStation App you first need to link your PayPal and SEN accounts.

You can reach Account Management in a number of ways:

  • PlayStation App

Tap [PlayStation Store] on the home screen and go to [Online ID] > [Account Settings].

  • PlayStation Store

Go to PlayStation Store. Sign in, go to your Online ID at the top of the page and click [Account Settings].

  • Account Management website

Click here and sign in for the account management site.

  1. Select either [Add Funds to Wallet] from the Account Management Dashboard or Go to [Account] tab > [Wallet] > [Add PayPal] under Payment Methods.
  2. Login to PayPal to link your accounts.
  3. You will be redirected back to SEN account management to select the amount you want to top up and confirm the purchase.

Remember the following when using PayPal

Please check the details according to your location and the device you are using to access PlayStation Store before proceeding with payment.

If you live in the EU:

If your account is registered in Germany you can only use PayPal if you are over 18 and able to use your ID information to prove this.

If you live outside the EU:

The data of SEN accounts created in the following non-European countries is administered by Sony Network Entertainment Europe:


New Zealand

Russian Federation

Bahrain Norway Saudi Arabia
Israel Oman Switzerland
Kuwait Qatar United Arab Emirates

If you live in one of these countries and your PayPal account does not have enough funds to cover the SEN wallet top up, PayPal may charge your registered card or bank account, which may lead to an international transaction charge. To avoid this charge we recommend that you ensure that your PayPal account has sufficient funds to cover the payment to SEN.

Wherever you live:

Your PayPal account must be registered in the same country as your Sony Entertainment Network account.

When using PlayStation Store on PS Vita or PS TV

Even if you have PayPal saved as your default payment method, you will not be able to see your PayPal account details in the [Billing Information] section of PlayStation Store.

If you have PayPal saved as your default payment method, the [Billing Information] section of PlayStation Store will not contain any payment details because you cannot pay with PayPal on PlayStation Store. You can only pay using existing wallet credit or top up using a credit/debit card or voucher code.

If you add a card to make a purchase this card will become your default payment method, your PayPal details will be completely removed from your account and you will need to add them again.

When using Account Management on PlayStation 3

Even if you have PayPal saved as your default payment method, you will not be able to see your PayPal account details in the [Billing Information] section of Account Management.

When PayPal is default payment method adding a credit or debit card will delete PayPal information from the account and make the new card default payment method. PayPal information will need to be added to the account again.