Updated 27 June 2017

PS4: Where to find TV and video services

PlayStation Video, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc.


All video services can be found in the TV & Video app. If you don’t see it on the PlayStation 4 home screen, you can also open it from the [Library].

Where to find a video service app

Popular video apps will be shown on the top row in TV & Video. Select [All Apps] if you don’t see the app you want.

From the All Apps area you can see a list of video apps you have installed, as well as new apps that you can download. Note: Some TV and video services may require a subscription or one-off payment.

Find out more about TV & Video apps available in your country in the ‘Entertainment’ area of PlayStation.com.

PlayStation Video  

All your PlayStation Video purchases and rentals are found in the [My Videos] section.

Featured titles

The recommendations you see are chosen by PlayStation; TV and video providers don’t share any of your viewing history with us.

The above images are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect the content actually available in the TV & Video app.