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Renting and buying a PlayStation Video

Pausing and continuing playback on a different device

You can switch between any of your Sony devices to watch your movie within the rental period but only if your device supports My Videos (cloud library) feature and playback of the video format. Please note that playback is restricted to one device at a time.

If you download a rented video, it is bound to that device and cannot be viewed on any other device.

The movies available on PlayStation Video are only available for viewing from your account on compatible devices. In no circumstances can you move rented or purchased content to a DVD or external memory unit.

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PS4: Live Events

How do I purchase Live Event content?

  1. Search for the event in the PlayStation Store. 
  2. Select the event you wish to purchase. 
  3. On the Event Details page you will find a summary which includes the runtime, the time until the event starts, and whether or not the event can be replayed. 
  4. Select [Pre-Order] for upcoming events or [Buy] for currently live and past events  — this will use funds from your PlayStation Wallet.

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