Updated 24 May 2016

What is queuing on PlayStation Now?

Find out why you have to queue and what you can do to avoid it.


Why do I need to queue?

To ensure the best possible experience for all users the number of players allowed to use PlayStation Now at any one time is capped to reduce lag and maintain high picture quality.

Each user is assigned a slot in the data centre server, so you may need to wait in a queue for a user to give up their slot before you can play. Lots of users can play at any one time, so you should find that you won’t be queuing for very long.

How long will I have to queue for?

This depends on how many users are in the queue before you, how many slots open up at once and for how long users play. Although you may need to wait for 10 people to leave the game before you reach the front of the queue, you may find that you progress faster than you expect if a few users quit at the same time or in quick succession. It’s impossible to guess how long you will be waiting.

How do I avoid queues?

The best way is to start a PlayStation Now session during off-peak times, like during the day or late at night in the week. Peak times are weekends, late afternoons, early evenings, major game launch days and during national holidays.

How do I know that it’s my turn to play?

You will see a counter on screen letting you know how many players are ahead of you in the queue and when it’s your turn you will see an onscreen notification. If you miss your turn you will be placed back in the queue but you will lose your place.

Can I do something else on my device while I’m waiting in a queue?

You can press the PS button to go back to the main menu and use any PlayStation 4 function while you wait. You will be notified when you reach the front of the queue.