Updated 11 April 2018

Game features when using PlayStation Now

Find out about saving games, multiplayer options, friends and add-ons on PlayStation Now.


Saving game progress on PlayStation Now

Your game saves are stored in the cloud to make sure they’re safe, so if you choose to play the same game again you can pick up where you left off using PS Now on PS4 or PC. Game saves are not automatically synced to PlayStation Plus Online Storage, so if you purchase a disc or digital version of a game you have previously played on PS Now and play it on another system, you will need to manually sync these saves.

Multiplayer on PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now games have the same local and online multiplayer capabilities as they would if they were running on a local PS3 or PS4. However, some online multiplayer services may no longer be available for some titles and online multiplayer will not be accessible for PS Now or the download/disc versions of these games.

Friends and Party chat on PlayStation Now

When streaming PlayStation Now games on your PS4 system, you can use normal online multiplayer voice chat functions through the system.

You can be in a Party and voice chat with your Friends while streaming PS3 games on your PS4 system. However, you cannot be in a Party when streaming PS4 games and you will receive a notification requesting that you leave the Party before starting. PlayStation Now on PC does not currently support Party functionality or audio chat in online multiplayer.

Friends are supported and you can text chat and send messages. However, please note that messages may only be opened on one device, so if you read a message while on PlayStation Now on PS4 or PC it will not appear when you sign in to a PS3 system.

Game add-ons and DLC on PlayStation Now

You can only stream content that has been made available on PlayStation Now, so any purchased game add-ons or DLC can't be used. However, we always try to make sure that the best possible versions of games are available on PlayStation Now as soon as possible.

Trophies on PlayStation Now

Trophies earned while playing a game on PS Now are synced with PSN in real time and will appear in your Trophy list on your PS4.