Updated 10 July 2017

Game features when using PlayStation Now

Find out about saving games, multiplayer options, friends and add-ons on PlayStation Now.


Do my games get saved?

Yes, your game saves are stored in multiple locations on the cloud to make sure they’re safe, so if you choose to rent the same game again you can pick up where you left off using any compatible PlayStation Now device. However, PlayStation Now game saves are not automatically synced to PlayStation Plus Online Storage. So, if you want to pick up a game that you have rented and play it on another system, you will need to manually sync these saves.

The same goes for any trophies that you earn during the rental period - these will save to the cloud, but to become visible on your PlayStation Network account, they will need to be manually synced to and from PlayStation Now servers.

You can also sometimes load your saves from when you previously played the game on disc or download on PlayStation 3 provided you saved to Plus Online Storage. However, you may find that you will not be able to pick up from your last non-PlayStation Now save and your previous trophies will not sync with your new PlayStation Now session. Don’t worry - this does not mean that you will lose your trophies and saves from your original gameplay; only that PlayStation Now may not recognise them.

What are the PlayStation Now multiplayer options?

  • Couch co-op
    • All players are in the same room using the same PlayStation system and screen.
    • Number of players is limited to number of connected DualShock 4 controllers or to the maximum allowed for the game.
  • Online multiplayer
    • Co-op or versus modes
    • Each player using their own screen and own PlayStation system to access the service.
    • Number of players at any one time is limited for each title.

Does PlayStation Now support voice, text, video chat and friends?

PlayStation Now does not currently support voice or video chat, but we are investigating adding this at a future date.

Your PlayStation Network Friends are supported and you can text chat and send messages. However, please note that messages may only be opened on one device, so if you read a message while on PlayStation Now on PlayStation 4 it will be considered ‘received’ and you will not be able to access it on your PlayStation 3 system.

To access these options you need to open the PlayStation Now XMB. To do this, short press the PS button while you are streaming a game and select the option to launch the PlayStation Now XMB. To close the PlayStation Now XMB, simply short press the PS button.

Can I apply my downloaded game add-ons to a game I rent on PlayStation Now?

No - you can only stream content that has been made available on PlayStation Now. You cannot add your own downloaded add-ons to these games. However, we always try to make sure that the best possible versions of games are available on PlayStation Now as soon as possible.

Trophies on PlayStation Now

Trophies earned while playing a game on PS Now are synced with the PSN in real time. Trophies will appear the same as they were earned any other way on the PS4.

Keep in mind that this is NOT the case for PS3 games, PS3 games will continue to sync at the close of a session.