Updated 24 May 2016

Data use and stream quality on PlayStation Now

Find out about data usage and audio/picture quality of PlayStation Now.


What picture quality PlayStation Now stream in?

PlayStation Now games are always streamed in 720p. If your broadband speed is too slow to stream at this quality you cannot use PlayStation Now.

This means that if the picture quality you are receiving is lower than 720p, this can only be due to local network connectivity. Try the following to improve picture quality:

  • Hardwire your device to your router using an ethernet cable.
  • Stop other devices/applications that are streaming or downloading using bandwidth and switch off WiFi on mobile devices.

What sound quality does PlayStation Now stream in?

Currently stereo only, but we are investigating the availability of surround sound.

How much data can I expect to use?

You will use about the same amount of data as you would for streaming video. Check with your internet service provider if you are concerned about exceeding your data allowance.