Updated 20 July 2017

PS3: Sharing PlayStation Plus features with a friend

What PlayStation Plus benefits your friend can use when you sign in on their PS3.


While you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can share selected benefits on PS3 systems activated on your PSN account. You can activate up to two PS3 systems for game content.

PlayStation 3 activated on your account

PlayStation Plus features you can use

PlayStation Plus features your friend can use *

PlayStation Plus features your friend can’t use

  • All PlayStation Plus features
  • Play downloaded games purchased with PlayStation Plus discount
  • Play downloaded Monthly Plus games
  • Buy PlayStation Plus discounted products from PlayStation Store
  • Auto patch download
  • PlayStation Plus exclusive early access to game trials

* You don’t need to be signed into your local user for other users to use these features.

Be sure to deactivate your friend’s PS3 from your PSN account to ensure you do not reach your activation limit.