Updated 24 May 2016

How to create a SEN sub account

This article explains who sub accounts are for and how a master account can create one.


What is a sub account?

With a sub account, users aged between seven and 17 can purchase and download content suitable for their age from PlayStation Store and take part in selected community activities.

You can only create a sub account if it is associated with a master account, which can only be created by someone who is 18 or over. This is to ensure that parents and guardians have as much visibility of sub account activity as possible.

You can associate up to six sub accounts with each master account and you can set separate parental controls on each sub account. Please note that these controls are separate from system controls which limit online access etc.

How are sub accounts funded?

Sub accounts do not have a wallet associated with their account because they are funded from the master account wallet. This means that sub account holders are not able to add funds or link payment methods to their account.

When you create a new sub account, the monthly spending limit is automatically set to £0.00. You can remove any spending limit from the sub account, but we recommend that you place a spending limit if you want to allow purchases, as we are unable to refund the master account wallet for any purchases made by the sub account user. We do not ask for the sub account holder to input their password when they make a purchase.

If the master account wallet does not contain enough funds to cover the sub account user’s purchases (that are within the monthly spending limit) the purchases will fail.

If a sub account redeems a wallet credit voucher code, this amount will be credited to the master account wallet. For the sub account to spend it, the master account holder may need to alter the monthly spend. Voucher codes for extra content can be redeemed by the sub account.

Parental controls

Sub account holders can only purchase content that has a PEGI or BBFC age rating that is consistent with the date of birth specified when the sub account was created.

The master account holder may set spending limits and restrict access to online features for their associated sub accounts.

Click here to find out more about content ratings and parental controls.

What do I need before I create a sub account?

We will email you a secure link and ask you to sign in to your master account to verify the sub account email address.

Before you create a sub account you will need the following:

  1. A current and accessible email address used as the master account Sign-in ID.

Sign into your master account to change your Sign-in ID or find full instructions here.

  1. Your master account password.

Select 'Trouble Signing In?' on this page if you have forgotten your master account password or find full password reset instructions here.

  1. An email address that the sub account user can use as their Sign-in ID.

We appreciate that children may not have an email address. Therefore, we recommend creating a webmail address, which you may or may not choose to allow the sub account holder to access.

How do I create a sub account?

You can create a sub account on your internet connected computer or mobile device or on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 system. You cannot create sub accounts on PS Vita, PS TV or PSP.

Select your device for instructions:

Make sure that you place parental controls on the sub account when you have created it. You can find out more about all of the available parental controls here.