Updated 15 May 2017

Remote deactivation

How to deactivate PlayStation systems through a web browser


Sometimes you might need to deactivate your PlayStation system when you don’t have access to it. Remote deactivation is helpful for a number of situations, for example:

  • You’ve sent your PlayStation system to us for service.
  • You’ve sold an old PlayStation system.
  • Your PlayStation system has been stolen.

You can remotely deactivate once every 6 months only and we can’t make any exception, even if you contact us.

How to remotely deactivate all systems


Select [Media and Devices] on the [Account] tab.


Select [Deactivate All].


Select [Yes] to complete deactivation.


You’ll see a confirmation message once deactivation is complete.

If you need to deactivate your PlayStation Systems for PlayStation Video you’ll need to do this on the system itself or contact us because you can’t remotely deactivate.