Updated 24 May 2016

Transfer content from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation Portable

Learn how to transfer PlayStation Store content from your PlayStation 3 to your PSP.


If you have a PlayStation 3 and PSP activated on your PlayStation Network account, you can transfer compatible PlayStation Store content between them by connecting the systems with a standard USB cable.

Alternatively you can download PlayStation Store content directly to the PSP from the Download List by going to [Account Management] > [Transaction Management] > [Download List].

How do I transfer content from PlayStation 3 to PSP?

  1. Ensure your PSP has the most up to date system software and a memory card on which to store the content you will be transferring.
  2. On the PSP go to [Settings] > [USB Connection].
  3. On the PlayStation 3 system, select the local user associated with the account your content was purchased on and connect the PSP via USB cable.
  4. On your PlayStation 3, select the content you want to copy by pressing [Triangle button].
  5. Select ‘Copy’ and follow the onscreen instructions to copy the game to your PSP.