Updated 17 February 2017

SingStar Ultimate FAQ

This article answers all of your most frequently asked SingStar questions for the PlayStation 4.


I've spent a lot of money on songs on PlayStation 3. Can I transfer them to PlayStation®4 for free as I don’t want to buy them again?

If the song is available on PlayStation 4 you can download it again at no extra cost. Head to the ‘Transfer My Songs’ section in the Play SingStar > Purchase History section in-game and you’ll find all songs that are available for free re-download. Simply add to your cart and re-download again at no extra cost on your PlayStation 4. More songs may become available for transfer, so make sure you keep checking back in this area after every SingStore update.

I have a PlayStation 3 and a PlayStation 4. Can I play my songs on both?

If the song is available on both platforms, you will be able to play the same on either console.

What will happen to my community videos and snapshots? Will they automatically transfer to my PlayStation 4?

All of your favourite shared moments singing with your friends will be available and sharable on the PlayStation 4 community, allowing you to connect and share all of those hilarious videos and irreverent pics instantly.  SingStar Clubs will not be part of the new community and media will not be copied over.

Does the game automatically post my videos and photos to Facebook®/Twitter for me?

One of the appealing aspects of the online social functionality of SingStar is that you decide and are in control of what, when and which content is shared on Facebook® or Twitter.

Can you broadcast via the share button?

We see this feature as the perfect complement to SingStar and are working towards supporting functionality with further details scheduled to be revealed later this year.

Can I download the songs from the disc to the HDD of my console?

The disc is designed to be quick and simple so you can start the party straight away. As with any other disc based game you will need to insert the disc to play the content.

Do my PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 discs also work on PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 discs are not backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 due to the PlayStation 4 console not being able to read PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 disc formats. The disc swap feature still exists on PlayStation 3 only.

Which phones/tablets does SingStar support?What happens when I am in the middle of singing and someone phones me?

SingStar is compatible on Android and iOS phones and tablets (click here ) to learn how to pair your mobile device). Just download the app and begin searching the music catalogue to purchase, share or cue up a song to sing. As with other dual function tasks, the app will continue to work even when a call or text is incoming. You will have the option to answer the call or continue singing. If you answer the call, the game will automatically pause after five seconds. Once you end the call you can return to the app and resume playing from where you left off. If you ignore or cancel the call you can continue to sing with no further interruption.

Can I still use my wired/wireless mics?

Yes, most 3rd party mics will work. For the most instant and interactive experience, the free microphone app download is by far the simplest and most readily available option.

Can I play with a mixture of phones and mics?

No, it has to be one or the other due to technology restrictions.

Why do I have to connect my phone to the Wi-Fi network the console uses? Can I not just play via my 3G/4G mobile connection?

The data used travels across the local Wi-Fi network so the console and your phone will have used the same connection for it to work.

We recommend the following:

  • Ensure that your router is connected to your PlayStation via a wired connection
  • Where possible, have the router in the same room as your console so it can be in line of sight of your smart device when playing
  • Avoid additional traffic through your router such as a music streaming service
  • Make sure all other microphones (excluding PSEye or PlayStation Camera) are disconnected from your console before starting to use your smart device as a mic.

How should I hold the phone in my hand?

For best results hold your phone approximately 10cm away from your mouth and sing directly into your device’s microphone.

I am getting a delay on hearing my voice through the speakers when using the app to sing. Why is that?

There may on occasion be a slight delay in sound of personal singing performance coming through the TV speakers/external speakers when using the app as a microphone. There is a simple solution to this in that players can turn down the volume of the mic in the game by pressing down on the DS4 D-Pad.  There may be other options for reducing the latency. Set the TV to game mode instead of movie mode (or similar). Also, if there is additional AV equipment installed e.g. an AV amp, sound bar or wireless speakers which can introduce latency into the system.

As with any Wi-Fi enabled experience the quality of the network connection is a consideration, as is the underlying voice processing technology used in current smart devices. The SingStar Mic app has therefore been optimised to ensure maximum compatibility with the highest number of handsets currently available. We will however continue to optimise the app performance in future game and app updates.

Singstar Mic app is crashing on my device, what can I do?

We suggest you check the following:

  • Make sure you have the app with the latest update installed and enough space on your mobile device
  • Power cycle your mobile device if the problem still occours
  • Redownload the SingStar Mic app again from AppStore or GooglePlay Store.