Updated 20 February 2017

Ratchet & Clank

Information about how to get your standard or pre-order edition content.



The UK and Ireland release date is 22 April 2016.

The French release date is 15 April 2016.

The release date is 20 April 2016 in every country except the UK, Ireland and France.

You can pre-order (before release date only) or purchase Ratchet & Clank from:

If you place a pre-order directly with PlayStation Store, you also receive the exclusive Bouncer weapon.

Where to find exclusive pre-order content

The exclusive Bouncer weapon is automatically added to your Library. Go to [Library] > [Ratchet & Clank] > [Related Items] to check that you have received it or to download it. You should then find it available within the game.

HDD space needed

Full game (English language version) – 25.40GB

Full game (non-English language) – 28.33GB

Play As You Download (all language versions) - 7.30GB

If you have pre-ordered, make sure that you have enough free space three days before release date to ensure pre-load or auto-download works.

If you have automatic download switched on your PlayStation 4 system will download the game during the first download window (04:00 – 06:00 AM) after pre-load is released and you can also manually start your pre-order download when the pre-load file becomes available. Pre-load isn’t always available but is usually made available 48 hours before release.


Please check this product on your local PlayStation Store to find out what languages it is available in as the languages listed below are not available in every local PlayStation Store.

Audio (Spoken languages) Screen languages (Subtitled languages)
Arabic Danish
Danish Dutch
Dutch English
English Finnish
Finnish French
French German
German Italian
Italian Norwegian
Norwegian Polish
Polish Portuguese
Portuguese Russian
Russian Spanish
Spanish Swedish
Swedish Turkish


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