Updated 20 February 2017

Dark Souls III

Information about how to get your standard or deluxe edition content.



The release date is 12 April 2016. You can pre-order (before release date only) or purchase Dark Souls III from:

HDD space needed

3.29GB free to start Play as You Download.

18.6 GB free for both editions. If you have pre-ordered, make sure that you have this much free space the day before release date to ensure auto-download works.


There are two editions of Dark Souls III you can buy PlayStation Store; the standard edition and the deluxe edition.

If you have pre-orderd either edition of Dark Souls III you also receive a dynamic theme. You do not receive the dynamic theme if you buy Dark Souls III on or after the release date.

Deluxe Edition

  • Full Game
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Season Pass
  • Two Dynamic Themes (pre-orders only)

Standard Edition

  • Full Game
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Dynamic Theme (pre-orders only)

Pre-order information

If you have automatic download switched on your PlayStation 4 system will download the game 12 hours  before release (pre-load) and it will be unlocked and ready to play on the release date. This means that you can start your pre-order download from midday on 11 April (this is also when auto-download will begin).

Your dynamic theme is in the same folder in your PS4 Library as the full game and soundtrack. Go to [Settings] > [Themes] to apply your Dark Souls III theme.

If you have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition you need to manually add the second theme to your account by going to PlayStation Store and purchasing the Season Pass. Don't worry you won't be charged for the Season Pass - it will show in your basket as costing 0.00.

Season Pass

If you have pre-ordered or purchased the Deluxe Edition of Dark Souls III you also get the season pass. This means that you receive DLC as it's released at no extra charge. You can download your season pass content either in-game or by going to [Library] > [Dark Souls III] > [Related Items] and select the item you want from [My Add-Ons].

Check the Season Pass on PlayStation Store on or after the release date to find out more about what is included in the season pass.

To check if your season pass has been added to your account go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Account Information] > [Services List] > [Dark Souls III Season Pass].


Go to [Library] > [Dark Souls III Soundtrack] > [Download] for the soundtrack. To start playback go to the soundtrack on the content launcher and press play.

Playback will be suspended if you start another game. You cannot move the soundtrack to an external memory unit.


You can join the conversation on PlayStation Forums or on the Dark Souls III Official website.