Updated 15 February 2017

Request to Watch feature on PlayStation 4

“Request to watch” feature enables you to send a request to watch your friend’s gameplay.


How it works:

  1. You can send a “Request to Watch” notification to your friend, which is displayed under “Now Playing” on their profile.
  1. Your friend receives the request notification on the PlayStation 4 Home Screen.
  2. When checking the notification, your friend will see 2 options to share their gameplay:

Broadcast to Many People

Using Twitch, YouTube or UStream services, you can share your gameplay with players who requested to watch it, and many other. You can also use your PlayStation Camera or microphone to comment on your gameplay.

Share Play with Only One Player

Share your gameplay with another player. You can share your gameplay with that specific player or hand over a controller so you can enjoy the game together.

Note: If you want to disable these requests, you can do so by going through [Settings] > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Privacy Settings] > [Managing Your Friends Lists and Messages] > [Request to Watch] > and select [No One].