Updated 15 February 2017

PlayStation 4 Media Player error messages

This article explains what to do when you receive an error message when trying to access or play a file on Media Player.


There is no playable media

The directory you are trying to access is either empty or no playable media was found. Make sure you are trying to access or play one of Media Player’s supported file types.

Cannot play audio. The audio format is not supported.

The audio of your video file is not supported. Make sure that the codec of your video is supported by Media Player.

Cannot access this media server. It is not allowing access from this PS4. Check the settings of the media server.

Your DLNA server has access protection. Make sure to adjust your DLNA media server settings to grant your PlayStation 4 system access.

Cannot play the media.

There is an issue with the file you are trying to access or play. The reason for this depends on the file:

  • If you are trying to play a video, make sure that the file type and codec of your video is supported.
  • If you are trying to view a photo, make sure the file it is smaller than 40 Megapixels or 30MB in size.
  • If the error occurs during video or audio playback, restart the PlayStation 4 system. To do this press and hold the PS button on your controller and select [Power Options] > [Restart PS4].