Updated 08 March 2018

Custom Themes on PlayStation 4

Find out how to personalise your PlayStation 4 system with custom themes.


With system software version 5.50 and above you can create, purchase and install custom themes on your PlayStation 4 system. 

How do I create my own custom theme?

You can download images from a USB storage device (or select images from System Storage) to use as custom themes.

  • Go to [Settings] > [Themes] > [Custom] > [Select Image].
  • Select your storage device, highlight the image you would like to use and press  [x button]. Then crop the image to fit the theme using L, R and X. 
  • You can [Preview] the theme before selecting [Apply].

How do I purchase and download custom themes?

You can purchase custom themes directly from PlayStation Store or go to [Settings] > [Themes] > [Find in PlayStation Store].

How do I apply a theme?

To apply a downloaded theme go to [Settings] > [Themes] and select the theme you wish to use. 

How do I remove a theme?

If you wish to remove a theme go to [Settings] > [Themes] and select ‘Default’. This will return your PS4 system to the default colour background.

How do I delete a theme?

If you wish to delete a theme go to [Settings] > [Themes] and select the theme you wish to delete. Then press [Options] > [Delete]. As with other purchased content the theme can be re-downloaded in future from the PlayStation 4 Library.

How do I change my background colour?

In addition to custom themes, you can also change the colour of the PlayStation 4 menu background. To change the background colour go to [Settings] > [Themes] > [Default] and select the desired colour.