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wont dowload game error ce-30005-8

Created 25/08/2019
2 Replies

when i try to dowload a game i have bought on playstation store i get a error code 

i have tried to rebulied the database, and the game is not on plate


  • mont348


    mont348 25 August, 2019 @ 13:29
    Go to notifications then press the option button and delete all download and upload messages if the game still fails to download there maybe a fault with the PS4 most likely the HDD. 
  • OrdosAlpha


    OrdosAlpha 25 August, 2019 @ 17:07
    That error means there's a read-write failure with either the optical drive or hard drive. Seeing as you're getting it when trying to download content from the PS store, then the error is HDD related. Do as Mont said, and delete all the failed download notifications, then run safe mode option 5 ( - copy & paste link into your browser's address bar as hotlinking doesn't work on the forums). If the error continues to occur, then the HDD needs to be replaced.