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Unplayable Games

Created 18/07/2019
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Hi All,

A couple of nights ago I had a problem where due to my console not starting GTA Online up properly and freezing the entire system I had to pull the plug. Now this unfornatly caused a few tropheies to become corrupted to which I used the option to fix them and it said it had done. I used a small USB stick I had lying around to back up and restore my data for Warhammer: Vermantide which was successful but it had a knock on effect. The effect was that now I can get all my other games (Battlefield 5, GTA V etc) to download. I click the libaray and they show to be 85% completed but when I click on them it says "Start" I click and it says "unable to find game, please check the store" I press "OK" which takes me to the store but when I click "Start" in the PS Store it gives me the exact same message.


Can anyone help me in how to fix this isssue? 


p.s I'm not willing to pay the £125 to get it sent off for repairs as I'm living indepnadtly on benefits and paying £300 a month for the house.


  • mont348


    mont348 18 July, 2019 @ 13:47

    If you haven't done so already I would initialise the system and re-install the system software and start again, if that doesn't resolve things I would probably look at replacing the HDD. 

    Pulling the plug is the worst thing you can do and 99% of the time totally unnecessary even if the console is frozen and unresponsive. To ensure a safe shutdown press and hold the on/off button for as long as it takes to ensure a safe, doing this in most cases will avoid data corruption and highly likely damage to the HDD and PS4 system.