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Sounds out of sync

Created 18/07/2019
3 Replies
I believe this issue started after one of the system updates released this year. After having the console on for a few hours the sounds starts to go out of sync, it's lagging behind in games, on the home screen, everywhere. I have tried speakers, external speakers and earphones connected to the controller, nothing works. Except restarting the console. Ideas? Solution? 


  • mont348


    mont348 18 July, 2019 @ 14:43

    Start the PS4 in safe mode and run option 5 rebuild the database.

  • shnibbra


    shnibbra 18 July, 2019 @ 14:54
    Tried that a few times. Did not solve the issue
  • mont348


    mont348 18 July, 2019 @ 15:00

    It could be the HDD may need replacing but to rule that out initialise the system and re-install the system software via the safe mode menu.

    Before performing a system initialisation backup any important save data to USB and/or the PS+ cloud storage.