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PS4 System Software installation issues (with USB)

Created 23/07/2019
4 Replies

Hi! Recently my PS4 started automatically launching in safe mode and I thought no big deal as I could just turn it off and back on and it'd start normally! Although this was all fine until update 6.72 and now it's just automatically stuck in a safe mode loop. It tells me to connect a USB storage device with the update 6.72 or later, so I ordered a new USB and did that but it's saying the file cannot be used, which is confusing as when I launch it in safe mode using the method where you hold the power button waiting for two beeps the file can be used. I'm contemplating just initialising my PS4 although I am unsure if this is a hardware or software issue. Any help is appreciated.

(I don't know if I made it clear enough, when I launch my PS4 it automatically starts in safe mode doing a system check, and after the system check fails at around 30% the safe mode screen comes up and the only option is to use a USB device to update system software.)

Side note: Sorry if this has been posted anywhere else, I could only find similar issues and nothing relating to my specific problem


  • mont348


    mont348 Best answer 23 July, 2019 @ 11:12

    Usually if the system is saying that the update cannot be used it means you most likely require the larger re-installation update file which is around 11GB in file size. 

    The system software Web page has been improved to how it was with two options Update system software with USB or Reinstall system software with USB, if the system does indeed require the larger re-installation update file you need to click on Reinstall system software with USB. If you do have to update via method it will unfortunately initialise the system and erase everything.

  • seaneo_


    seaneo_ 23 July, 2019 @ 11:32
    Ah okay thankyou, is there any way to back up my PS4 data from safe mode or?
  • mont348


    mont348 23 July, 2019 @ 11:40
    If you can access system settings then Application Saved Data Management folder you should be able to backup save data to USB and/or PS+cloud storage, all games and DLC can be downloaded and installed again. 
  • mutalibmiah786


    mutalibmiah786 13 August, 2019 @ 15:45

    This has happened to me aswell and I do not know what to do I don't have a USB aswell