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PS4 Pro loud fans and low FPS on high end games

Created 14/05/2019
2 Replies

Hi all,


I have been having issues over the past year with my PS4 Pro, notibly with games like God Of War, Spiderman and now Days Gone and it is with frame rates dropping and also stuttering during game place and bad fps. During this time the fans become increasingly loud also.

My PS4 Pro is one of the launch PS4 Pro's if this makes any difference and I am using a Samsung 48" 7000 series TV.

I hope someone can help with this as it is ruing my experience with PS as a whole.



  • mont348


    mont348 14 May, 2019 @ 12:06

    Rebuilding the PS4's database option 5 via the safe mode menu may help with the frame rate issues.

    As for the fan noise try clearing the vents with a vacuum cleaner. 

    I have the latest model of the Pro and not run into any problems with the same games or fan noise, however these latest CUH-7216B versions of the Pro are known to be quieter compared to the original Pro. 

  • bazpartu


    bazpartu 15 May, 2019 @ 23:47

    Definitely make sure your ps is clean and well vented, plenty of space round the console