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PS4 Media Player Filename Read/Display Issue

Created 22/06/2019
3 Replies

I recently noticed a new media player available for the PS4, so downloaded it & was pleased to find it supports DNLA streaming over my home network.  Previously, I've had to copy music files onto a USB to be able to listen to both music & games on headset, but I was hoping that I could now listen to any playlist or album on my PC over the network.

The problem is not that I can't listen to music, as the files play without any problem at all.  The issue is the way in which the PS4 Media Player orders the files, making most organised music (albums, playlists etc.) un-listenable, as the Media Player reads/displays files alphanumerically, via the "Title" metadata tag.  This means that any "list" of music will re-order alphanumerically, instead of the order they should play in, rendering the Media Player almost useless for streaming music in this manner, unless you're happy to just have everything on shuffle!

I have checked the file & streaming options available under my DNLA server (Universal Media Server) & none of them affect the manner in which the PS4 Media Player orders the files.

If this could be addressed it would make this app actually usable, but for now it really isn't that useful for music playback.


  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 23 June, 2019 @ 12:26

    Its not a new app its years old semi abandon ware app released in 2015 built to play video files other media was secondary...

    It will never be addresssed as it Uses USB mass storage naming rules for USB HDD... its been over 4 years since release...


    Music files have to put the TRACK number In front of the song name... and obey USB mass storage naming rules... even via DLNA for PS4..

    Files are sold on Itunes and amazon with the TRACK Number First then the name of the music track in the file names...

    Album 1 folder

    Album name.01.title.M4A

    Album name.02 title.M4A

    Album name.03 title.M4A

    When a media server does not display the Actual file name but makes up the data with its own indexer it will not obey the USB file naming... 
    Its done this way on file names because USB music players did not and still do not have there own indexer hardware so the file names on USB music players only list files... in that order... with DLNA the Servers can index the files and replace the USB Mass storage names with meta data names...

    This will not be compliant with the USB mass storage A-Z listing... and the PS4 uses Mass storage 00 - 99 and then A-Z listing...


    Twonky media server has a by USB mass storage File name folder indexer for music... as its older than many other Media server software... many media server software on Android also only do indexing via file name and not meta data as they do not have a indexer at all in there software...


    The independant sand boxed PLEX app and Plex DLNA server are updated more offen and both are Free as well via junk email address account... If you only want to play just music...


  • Avalien


    Avalien 10 July, 2019 @ 20:49
    Thanks for the info.  Funny how the app suddenly appeared on my PS4 recently, despite it being released ages ago.  I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise, as had been using the USB Media Player app, where I'd had to manually rename tracks on a USB stick.

    Regardless of the information you've provided, which doesn't really help resolve quite a fundamental issue in any media player, it would be great to get an official response from Sony, else it's just another piece of useless software that's not really worth downloading.  It's bad enough that the PS4 XMB, especially involving any network features, is still as slow & clunky as ever, despite many a "System Software Update", but I guess we should expect this from Sony, after all these years.

    Thanks again, I'll just have to contend without a useable media player.
  • mont348


    mont348 10 July, 2019 @ 21:23

    Slow clunky XMB is either caused by a poor network connection/setup or the PS4's database needs rebuilding. 

    There's nothing slow with my XMB with either my standard PS4 or Pro.