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Issue: VPN and PS4 Remote Play

Created 27/05/2019
5 Replies

Remote Play cannot connect, if the PS4 and the Client don't share a common WAN address, but are required to connect via VPN instead of Internet routes.

In other words: We have a VPN connection. Manual Ping works.

  1. Remote Play finds out we have two different inet accounts
  2. (Remote could ping the PS4 subnet as all routes are present, BUT IT DOES NOT TRY)
  3. Remote Play tries to connect via Internet, which is blocked.

Feature Request:

After both devices inform the PS server about their well being, let RemotePlay try to Ping the PS4 anyway. It will succeed. Skip Internet.

Workaround: Redirect all Internet traffic via VPN.





  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 28 May, 2019 @ 12:21
    So, you have a workaround, yes? 
  • tankwart_bio


    tankwart_bio 01 June, 2019 @ 22:11

    If you're after a workaround, then yes. Do it.

    If you want to fix the problem that an all-redirect is not suitable in many cases, let's wish the devs implement another check clause.

  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 02 June, 2019 @ 16:26
    I wasn't looking for a fix to be honest, just trying to understand the post. 
  • border_bold433


    border_bold433 11 June, 2019 @ 18:34

    i need to get on netflix but my internet is blocked can anyone help with an easy method so i can install a vpn on my ps4 if anyone can help i will be grateful as i cannot even acsess spotify or youtube


  • tankwart_bio


    tankwart_bio 13 June, 2019 @ 21:40


    You probably need an ethernet based solution like a VPN router. That'd be fool proof on the PS4 side.
    Easy are the business models that are expensive. And the endpoint is another question.
    You can craft one using a multiport embedded board with Ubuntu, OVPN and routing.

    Personally I wouldn't begin such a project if I didn't own the OVPN endpoint.

    If you want to redirect everything anyways there are open source routers that offer things like that. Years ago I saw that on openwrt. Opnsense/Pfsense can do this too, but is more advanced. But beware of security when choosing a vpn server.