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Filter Options - Online Coop

Created 24/08/2019
1 Replies

Is there a filter in PSN Store where I can filter on Online Coop to list all games I can play with friends online? 

If not, this should be a priority to add. Sick and tired of trying to find good games that I can play online with friends. For example, bought Sky Force Anniversary and though it would be possible to play online...that was only available in single player or Local Coop - not online Coop. 

If exist, please instruct me how to filter.

If not exist, please develop this and definitely include for PS5 if not PS4. 

/// Mattias a.k.a. Pixic


  • mont348


    mont348 25 August, 2019 @ 05:39

    There's no filter unfortunately apart from the PlayStation store product description.

    I suppose you could online co-op games like Skyforce with the Share Play feature making local co-op online co-op, not ideal but definitely a makeshift workaround.