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Digital vs Disc

Created 14/06/2019
2 Replies

Hi there,

I have FIFA19 (Region 2) disc and installed the game on my console (PS4 Slim). 

If I buy FIFA19 digital copy from the PlayStation Store, will I still be required to install the game on my console? Or can I play the game that I have already installed. 

Do I need to login to my PSN network to play the digital copy? Even for playing offline mode with my friends?

Do I need a PS Plus Subscription to play digital copy?




  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 Best answer 14 June, 2019 @ 15:40

    Yeah you will need to delete the disc version and install the digital version. Save data might not be compatible between the 2 versions (online data should be stored on EA's end though so that should be fine). 

    As LordRoss said, you don't need PS Plus to play offline, but you do need an internet connection to the console if it isn't your primary console. So if you happen to have a situation without internet, or PSN is down for maintenance (or other reasons), only your primary console will have access to the game (so if you have multiple consoles only the console activated as your primary console will have access the digital games without an internet connection).


    Personally,  as you already own it on disc, I would stick with that. Unless there is a significant reason you want to go digital (I have done it a couple of times with games that have been free with PS Plus). 

  • LordRoss


    LordRoss 14 June, 2019 @ 15:10

    You only need PS Plus Subscription to play online and use the cloud storage functionality. So you can play a digital version of FIFA 19 offline without Plus just fine.

    I would expect that you do need to install the digital version of the game, even if you do have a disc of it already installed.