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Application data corrupted

Created 03/07/2019
4 Replies

I just bought the Destiny Forsaken: Complete collection from the PS store, and it took a while to download. Once it had downloaded, I started playing and did maybe a minutes worth of actual shooting and then a message popped up saying 'the data for the following application is corrupted please delete the application and redownload'. So I did, and once I began playing again I got half way through a mission and the game crashed, and there were UI and sound issues the whole way through playing. I then closed and opened the application, played through the game and then the corrupted data message appeared again. This has taken away nearly 2 or 3 days of my gaming away and has been very frustrated, does anyone have any idea what this may be?

Any help would be appreciated 



  • mont348


    mont348 03 July, 2019 @ 15:35

    Start the PS4 in safe mode and run option 5 rebuild the database, after that is done delete the games installation data and run a fresh install.

  • browny521


    browny521 04 July, 2019 @ 09:57

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately hasn't worked

    have now tried this three times. Still isn't working. Even powered off the PS4 and unplugged the power adaptor to clear the cache. Could it be an issue with the PS4 itself?


  • mont348


    mont348 04 July, 2019 @ 10:09
    Try restarting your network equipment by switching it off for a few minutes and try again. If it doesn't work it may indicate a fault with the PS4, do other games work fine or do they experience the same problem? 
  • OrdosAlpha


    OrdosAlpha 21 July, 2019 @ 14:47
    Hard drives can go bad, or get this, fail. Sorry to burst that bubble for you.