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Welcome to the new PlayStation Support Forums

Created 17/04/2019
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Welcome all our players to the new PlayStation Support Forums!

This is where you can ask questions, share advice and participate in discussions about any of the PlayStation systems, PlayStation Network or in-game related issues that you may come across.

The PlayStation Support Forums have always been an invaluable source of feedback for us and we hope this continues! This also includes feedback of the Forum itself, as our aim is to shape the future of the PlayStation Support Forum based on any feedback we receive from you!

If you have any suggestions, requests or issues regarding the Forum itself, please reply to this thread. Otherwise you can now get started and get involved in the PlayStation Support community, providing tips, advice, guides and solutions or indeed ask your own questions.

PlayStation Online Support Team


  • jockwarrior


    jockwarrior 28 April, 2019 @ 06:57

    Gggrrrrrrr played GTS all week on Nations cup , I managed to improve my points total by 80 points, I get up in the morning and it has registered nothing. Total gut wrenching thanks a lot. What Is going on ?