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Web browser Store sections inaccessible.

Created 25/08/2019
3 Replies
Hello, some sections of the web browser PlayStation Store don't work properly, i.e. the ones for the stuff released in the latest 7 or 30 days, Themes, Avatars, and probably others. They're in the homepage, on the left column. Basically the pages load but show no new content, like nothing was released, but there's actually new content, if searched manually. It's like the pages don't work as intended.


  • Lance_87


    Lance_87 04 September, 2019 @ 14:25
    Themes and Avatars have been fixed, but "Latest 7/30 days" have been removed from all regions... LOL. Pitiful.
  • Spycy-Brit


    Spycy-Brit 07 September, 2019 @ 08:14

    Okay, what's pitiful about it? I'm sure they'll fix it in due time. It's not like that section of the store is needed to play games or anything.

    People just have no patience any more do they, sheesh.

  • Lance_87


    Lance_87 08 September, 2019 @ 21:04

    "In due time"? LOL, you don't know them. It took a whole year to fix a ridiculous problem with the download queue. Weren't you there a year ago, in the old forum? They kept insisting it was MY fault. This forum is for reporting issues, and i'm updating about issues. So yeah, NOPE.

    Anyway, the "Last 30 days" section is back, but it's still non-functional.