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Unable to request a PlayStation Store refund

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Created 22/05/2019
2 Replies

I am trying to request a refund via this form:

After I enter my details (see screenshot below) & submit it, the form shows an error (see screenshot below) : 



I have tried on both Chrome & Internet Explorer.

I have received no email confirmation.

Please let me know where I can send the refund information while the website is broken ?



  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 22 May, 2019 @ 23:55

    Hey there, please have a look at this other thread on the same topic (questions from LordRoss in particular), and keep everything together in there :)

    It will be easier to keep track of all details if they are in 1 thread.

  • dtsm121


    dtsm121 23 May, 2019 @ 21:19

    I have replied to that thread but had no response.

    Is there an email address I can send mt refund request to ?

    (I'll post the same on other thread)