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Spider Man DLC "city that never sleeps" won't download after I've purchased it.

Created 24/04/2019
2 Replies
This DLC is the one that includes all three DLCs. I've purchased it for about £10 while one sale, and it won't download. I think I purchased it by going to the DLC tab from in-game, but after I've purchased it, I can't press "download", the screen just goes black for a split-second and then does nothing. When I go to the DLC tab from in-game again and try to press on any of the DLCs, it just takes me to the Playstation Store page again, but I've already purchased the DLC bundle.


  • mont348


    mont348 Best answer 24 April, 2019 @ 20:45

    The City that Never Sleeps is a none downloadable service item it's the three individual DLC's that you need to add to your library (purchase for free) and download.

    If for some reason you can't access the three individual DLC's go to system settings on your PS4 then account management then restore licences.

  • little_raaaaay


    little_raaaaay 24 April, 2019 @ 20:41

    Nevermind, I've figured it out. You can't download the DLC bundle. You have to go to the DLC tab in-game again, and each of the 3 DLCs will now be "free" so you can download them individually. 

    The UI is kind of stupid, given that there is a download button for the bundle which doesn't work. This can be very confusing for people.