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Created 23/06/2019
3 Replies
Does anybody have a number I can call or even point me in the direction of the live chat, my son has made a number of purchases on the playstation network without realising and I need to speak to someone about a refund. I know it tells you to fill in a refund form but this would take a long time as there over 10 purchases. TIA


  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 23 June, 2019 @ 19:08

    There shut on sundays it sunday in the EU regions...

    Due to an increase in "fake claims" due to "fortnite with the lets see what we can try to claim" hassles, refunds are harder to claim from SIEE...


    Turn on password at check out, turn on 2 step verification on your account... and don't let them ever use your account ever..,


    Due to you being a security risk, due to not regulating and securing the console correctly. they can refund and close all your accounts if the ammount is too high and ban the console as you have just stated your not able to regulate the use of the console correctly....

    When its an actual work day the contact us part of the web site would generate a UK phone number being a Sunday that won't happen...



  • OrdosAlpha


    OrdosAlpha 24 June, 2019 @ 03:01
    Refunds, if granted, are made to the PSN account wallet, not back to the funding source. If you need the money refunded back to your card, then you have to authorize a chargeback with your card issuer or bank. Doing this will result in the PSN account being banned for fraud.The account will only be unbanned when the debt is re-paid.
  • GraphiteGB


    GraphiteGB 24 June, 2019 @ 14:06
    UK number spat out by contact us section now that they are at work was

    0203 538 2665

    Other regions require you to go though there contact us section on there site..