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Pre order

Created 22/06/2019
3 Replies
Hello guys I just pre order crash bandicoot  I ore orders 2 disks for my GF and my but accendly I order 3. So I got 3 per order codes for the avatars.   Now I used 1 on my account and other one on gfs account but the 3rd one can I give this to a friend? Is this legal? And what are limit of pre orders? I dont want problems at all. 


  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina Best answer 22 June, 2019 @ 13:15

    There's no problem as far as PSN is concerned, you'd be able to redeem the code in the manner you state. 

    The only people who might have an issue with it is the retailer you purchased from if you're planning to return the 3rd copy. If you're not then there's no issue.

    Pre orders don't generally have restrictions on how many you can purchase UNLESS it's specifically stated by the retailer/store. 

  • Cyclonec49


    Cyclonec49 22 June, 2019 @ 14:04
    Yes retailer told me I can order many if a want they if they get the money haha :).thanks for the help
  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 22 June, 2019 @ 14:47
    It's generally just collectors editions that have a limit on how many you can purchase (unless you purchase from multiple stores I suppose). But as Gina said, feel free to give the code to who you want (as long as the account is the same region as your game. A US account won't be able to redeem a code from a EU version of the game).