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no support

Created 22/01/2020
2 Replies
why is there no support from plastation no more especially in the uk, has anyone bought sniper contracts from ps store, its full of bugs lots of issues tried getting cry engine support guess what they're not supported by ps4, what are plastation doing selling broken game by a game company who they dont support great no (deleted) support and left high n dry 



  • OrdosAlpha


    OrdosAlpha 22 January, 2020 @ 01:26
    You have to pick up the phone and call customer support. They aren't going to magically come to you. Their phone number can be found on the inner side of every cover of any physical release. Or by going through the support section of the site.
  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 22 January, 2020 @ 02:58

    You mean "Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts"? 

    That is up to CI Games to fix any bugs in the game, so get in contact with them about it. But if it's that badly broken and they won't fix it, you are eligible for a refund from PlayStation (which will take some time to process).