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Network Unavailable

Created 11/08/2019
6 Replies

Bought Endgame movie but when I try to watch ps4 states network unavailable and doesnt play. 

Assistance needed.

User - onealsoul 


  • mont348


    mont348 11 August, 2019 @ 08:18

    Video movie rentals and purchases are blocked by IP address and geographical location, for example if you have a US account but live outside of the US you will not be able to access the movie.

    Network unavailable for video rentals often means you are IP locked. 

  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 11 August, 2019 @ 08:21
    This issue is generally because you are not located in the same country as your account. There is no way around this. 
  • AndrooBam


    AndrooBam 15 August, 2019 @ 13:59
    Anyway around this using a VPN?
  • mont348


    mont348 15 August, 2019 @ 15:56
  • scorpion_X17


    scorpion_X17 15 November, 2019 @ 11:00
    I rented good boys movie and it will not let me watch this or any other title since I'm outside of the U.S. , I'd like for this issue to be fixed or to be unlocked so that I can watch any movies . 
  • Oran_Gina


    Oran_Gina 15 November, 2019 @ 12:06
    You can ask US customer support but if you are using a USA account outside the USA  they're not going to do anything for you. They won't unlock anything and there is nothing to fix, this is how it is intended to work.