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Just want to confirm... Account Recovery related question...

Created 16/07/2019
3 Replies

So a day or two ago, I made this thread -


Just wanna confirm something, so that's why I am creating a new thread so that I can get the answer asap!


So I am in the process of recovering my account, as I have contacted the support via chat and now conversing via email to get ahead with the recovery process. But I know it may seem weird to ask it like this, but thing is I just wanna confirm that everything is going right.

What I mean is that, in the official PS support page where it shows chat, there it never initiates the chat and comes up with error. And also, I see that... that page is only for North and South America due to some reason.

So as I live in India, I came to the following website which handles customer support -

Now thing is, probably I'm overthinking a lot, but I just wanna confirm from other people too that the following site is the legit Sony support site. Though, so far everything seems to be fair legit... but still to be confirmed I wanna just finally confirm it from folks out here that this is the official PS support for Asia ( or India ).

The reason I'm asking this is because, nowhere on Playstation support it directs me to this website. But it always shows up at top of google results... so that's how I was able to finally start the chat with the Sony support for my PSN account issue, which was earlier impossible as the PS Support page for chat and other stuff always had the region set to Americas, and changing to India just redirected me to some other section of their support where there was no option of chat.

And as of now, I'm in the process of providing account related information in order to verify my identity. So that's why before doing that... I want to finally get a confirmation that this site is legit. Though, I know that it is, but still I wanna be self-satisfied about it.


  • WhiteMonkey88


    WhiteMonkey88 16 July, 2019 @ 13:28

    I can't confirm 100% that is the correct page, but it does look right (both the page and URL) from what I remember of the few times I've been to the Sony Asia site. 

    There does appear to be a live chat for India at   Not sure when that started, must be fairly recwnt.

  • OrdosAlpha


    OrdosAlpha 16 July, 2019 @ 19:45
    Yes, it's the legit Sony product support site for the Asia Pacific region.
  • Pewdiepie_ARGHHH


    Pewdiepie_ARGHHH 18 July, 2019 @ 04:30

    @WhiteMonkey88 @OrdosAlpha

    Thanks for your help guys. Yes it was legit. My password is resetted now. Also the link you provided @WhiteMonkey88 redirected me to the page which in turn gave me the option to chat, and when clicked redirected me to the same chat page as that of but dunno why it showed some error ( they probably don't give enough pay to their web developers unfortunately lol ).

    But either way, it all worked good. They had a email address through which I communicated and it was same on both and the link you provided.


    Though, I must say that PlayStation should really improve their classification of support pages... like its so confusing to find what we want. Also, their password reset procedure ( or I should rather say functionality ) is really weird... and doesn't provide much options to recover password. But either way, one thing I have learnt from this... is that I shouldn't take Security Question lightly. From now on, gonna take a proper care of it and won't forget it.